Frequently Asked Questions at Paint Contractors Johannesburg

How long does your paint last?

We at Paint Contractor Johannesburg manufacture paint that last five to ten years. All our paints are created to withstand any weather conditions lasting you five to ten years you choose.

Do you guys offer blended colors?

We have a menu of all colors customers can choose from and if they wish to have their own colors we can blend a color of their choice for the same price as the all color menu.

Why should I choose Paint Contractor Johannesburg?

We have been in the business for three years and have gain enough popularity in Johannesburg that some other painting businesses stock our manufactured paints because of the quality of our paints that guarantees weather resistance that last keeping your house or business beautiful always.

What types of services do you guys offer?

We offer following types of services:

  • Indoors painting
  • Outdoors painting
  • Wooden painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Steel painting
  • Wallpaper installations
  • Waterproof painting

What other Paint Contractor do you guys offers?

We offer the best quality of paints that we manufacture ourselves, and have various paints such as:

  • Wall covering removals
  • High Durable coating
  • Color Consultations
  • Dry walling
  • Faux Painting
  • Decorative services 

Does your paints come in many different colors or you have one standard color?

We have too many colors to choose from, we have color experts that help with the colors we offer and also in blending new colors customers will be delighted to choose from.